If you and your family are looking to get active this fall and all year round, be sure to check out the great recreation programs that the City offers!

Drumming Fit is one of Mississauga’s newest programs. It will be widely available to all residents this winter and will offer intense, gentle and therapeutic options.  At first glance it may seem like a fun activity or a musical escape, which it is. Participants get to use drumsticks on stability balls to the rhythm and motivation of their favourite tunes.  These classes are a total brain and body workout combining fitness with the cognitive and coordination benefits of drumming.

In addition to Drumming Fit, the City also offers a broad variety of classes ranging from high-intensity workouts to therapeutic activities, such as:

– Kettlebell – Total body conditioning class
– TRX – Navy Seal-type training in circuits and small groups
– FitWall – A unique combination of body weight, climbingDrumming Fit,  and resistance bands and straps
– Pilates – Mat classes along with small and large equipment programs
– Ai Chi – Tai Chi inspired movements in the water
– Therapeutic Yoga H2O – A warm water experience as soothing and relaxing as it sounds
– Snoezelen – A unique sensory program for participants with Autism, brain injuries and dementia

Mississauga's Recreation Programs

For more information about Mississauga’s recreation programs, please visit https://activemississauga.ca/.