All things considered, this has been a pretty mild winter. Usually by the time January rolls around we’re looking at consistent temperatures around -10 or lower. Sure, it was pretty darn cold last weekend, but we haven’t had the same freezing winds or snowdrifts that we’re rather accustomed to.

So we’ve been pretty fortunate thus far for winter 2019/2020, however there’s still lots of time to go. And the forecast for this coming weekend is predicting some more snowfall. The official government of Canada website’s forecast suggests the snow will begin again on Friday evening, with temperatures around 1°C. The snow will continue to fall throughout Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, before dissipating, at least briefly, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Check out the forecast below.

Temperatures will drop to around -4°C, at its lowest, on Monday evening. Which, by all accounts, really isn’t that bad. And the other good news is that the prediction is that only around 1 cm will fall on those days, so you don’t need to fear a snowstorm of any kind.

That being said, you can never be too careful when it comes to snowfall, particularly while driving. And that’s why I’m going to point you in the direction of an article we posted around Christmas, about where to get your snow tires in Mississauga. That quick list will guide you in the direction of a few different businesses that specialise in tires to get you from A to B as safely as possible, so check it out.

So it seems the winter here in Mississauga is going to get a little worse before it gets better. It’s fair to say we all expected as much, and know it’s liable to continue from now until (hopefully) late March at the earliest. Until then, wrap up, stay safe, and make the most of it!