As the Coronavirus continues to spread across Canada it is important that you continue to follow social distancing to flatten the curve. That doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the foods you love with the added bonus being that you’re also supporting local businesses in Streetsville.

As you may have seen previously we showcased some of the restaurants that are still available to serve you via delivery or pickup.

So here are a few more Streetsville restaurants that are still operating. 

1Burger Legend

For those who are craving a nice juicy, meaty burger. Burger Legend can fulfill your appetite for that amazing burger you so desire. Whether you’re getting “The Great One” or enjoy some of their amazing poutine. You will never be disappointed with the food here. They are running at reduced hours ( 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM). With pickup and delivery (via Doordash, UberEats & Skip The Dishes) available the opportunity to grab their great burgers just became a lot easier.

2El Mariachi Tacos & Churros

If you’re missing spending time with your friends eating tacos, well then El Mariachi wants to fill that void. That’s right your local taco kings are ready to serve you and ensure that you can still fulfill part of what you are craving. Their amazing variety of taco toppings, combined with their fresh and delicious churros guarantee that your tastebuds will be happy. You can enjoy their delicious food through pickup and delivery (via Doordash, UberEats & Skip The Dishes).

3Butter Chicken Roti

If you’re missing that classic Indian taste, don’t worry as Butter Chicken Roti has got you covered. From amazing, creamy and delicious butter chicken to freshly made and scrumptious rotis filled with the toppings that will delight. Butter Chicken Roti has made it easy for you to enjoy with pickup and delivery options. 

4Popular Pizza

Grabbing an amazing slice of pizza is a necessity. As that amazing golden crust and that deliciously creamy cheese touches your tongue, you’ll truly be in heaven. You are probably already familiar with the classic pizza offerings, so I won’t get into the specifics, but if you are also looking to save a few bucks Popular Pizza has got you covered with their array of different offerings.