As summer is almost here (at least officially) and the weather gets warmer, there is nothing better than enjoying delicious ice cream to cool you down. And if you’re in proximity to the Streetsville area, then you owe it to yourself to go to Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor. As this seasonal parlor offers you a great local ice cream experience unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Especially with the start to 2020 being paused because of having to practice social distancing due to Covid-19, it is important to at least embrace one local form of comfort through ice cream.

For those who may not know about this legendary ice cream parlour, both your mind and your taste buds are about to be blown.

This ice cream parlour is considered to be a food landmark within Streetsville. Providing rich, creamy and delicious ice cream all of which is made in house. The exterior of this ice cream parlor is definitely vintage, as it will take you back to the ice cream shops of the past. When you walk inside you’ll be greeted with the best waffle cone and sweet ice cream smell you’ve ever smelled! 

Murphy’s has a wide variety of different options; soft serve ice cream, hard ice cream, slushies, cakes, frozen yogurt, sundaes and delicious Italian gelato. The flavour selection will also feel endless as well, with uncommon flavours like watermelon, lemon, pistachio, and of course, the regular vanilla and chocolate. As the flavours are made in house they offer a special creaminess and velvety smooth texture and taste which is nothing you will ever experience at any other ice cream shop.  

The service is quick and friendly, regardless of the line out the door. You can always expect the best quality ice cream and unique flavour options to meet anyone’s pallet.  

Plus due to its proximity to the Streetsville Village Square, there is ample outdoor seating and the option to catch some of the local summer entertainment on the stage. Note that the parlor does have reduced hours, operating from 12:00PM to 10:00PM.