History of Bazinas Furs

When Eleftherios Bazinas and Elefteria Bazinas came to Canada at a very young age they were craftspeople who were very passionate about making coats.  Eleftherios worked for a large company that made mink coats from the late 60’s until the mid 80’s.  In 1977, Eleftherios and Elefteria moved to Mississauga.  After doing some research they finally decided Port Credit was the chosen destination to open their business because Port Credit was initially a fur trading post.

Bazinas Furs was opened in 1982.  Eleftherios devoted himself endlessly to his business, working 20 hour days until his mid 40’s.  As master furriers, Eleftherios and Elefteria helped their son Fotis understand all facets of the business in order for him to take the business over and continue making coats.

Bazinas Furs Today

Little did Eleftherios and Elefteria know that 35 years later Bazinas Furs would be the thriving business it is today.  Since it opened, Bazinas Furs has served almost 20 000 customers in Port Credit.  Bazinas Furs’ label is synonymous with quality.  Bazinas Furs specializes in all quality fabrics including cashmere, wool, shearling, leather and mink.

Fotis Bazinas is the owner and operator of Bazinas Furs, with over 40 years of experience in the field.  When you visit Bazinas Furs you are dealing directly with someone who personally handles all facets of outerwear from the beginning to the end.  Fotis and his dedicated team are involved in the entire process from the design, to the pattern, to the making of the coat.  This is what has allowed Bazinas Furs to be successful and maintain stability for 35 years.

When people are in need of a particular type of service that involves their coats, and jackets they will come in to Bazinas Furs to inquire, and receive knowledgeable advice and expert service.  Bazinas’ offers an after sales service that their competitors do not.  At Bazinas Furs they work a little differently than other shops selling outerwear.  Fotis explains, “We don’t promote sales, we don’t push people to buy.  If someone needs a custom coat or jacket I am here to make it for you.  If you don’t want me to make you a coat we have a large selection of outerwear for you to choose from.”

Fotis is very modest about his work and success as a business owner.  He explains, “The key to success is understanding the difference between wealth and livelihood.  I don’t see it as a success as much as a livelihood that allows me to create one coat at a time.  I have heard so many of my customers come back to let me know that people always compliment them on their coat.  I always tell them it’s because of you gave me the opportunity to create something that suits you!”

When people buy a mink or leather coat for example, they want it to last for a long period of time.  Just because you buy a designer branded fashion does not mean it’s the best quality, or that it will last; it’s just a fad that will fade over time.  These disappointed customers will then look elsewhere for their clothing apparel.  There will always be new brand name labels coming out that will sweep the attention of the masses, but what has kept Bazinas ahead of these designer fads is that generally people want quality before quantity.

Fotis tries to follow this sound advice given to him by his father, “Business is like a farm; you have to feed it for it to feed you. You have to give it nourishment and in return it will nourish you.  There will always be good days and bad but always remember the sun will shine again.”

Fotis expresses gratitude to his customers for helping Bazinas Furs reach its milestone of 35 years in business.  He states “I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my father Eleftherios Bazinas, and my mother Eleftheria Bazinas for your supports and opportunities.  No words can describe our opportunity to serve each and every one of our customers from the past, the present and the future.  You are the reason this business is still here today.  The customers who have given us business are the backbone of this business and always appreciated!”

Congratulations to Bazinas Furs for 35 successful years in business!  Visit Bazinas Furs to browse their extensive selection of outerwear from leather jackets, gloves and handbags to handmaid moccasins.  Or have a custom coat designed just for you!  Bazinas Furs is located at 269 Lakeshore Road East in Port Credit (3 Blocks East of Hurontario on South Side). Visit Bazinas Furs on the web at www.bazinasfurs.com.