Global pandemic’s aside, Mississauga is usually Netflix’s home away from home. The colossal streaming site films many of its movies and TV shows in Mississauga and Toronto, including The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, Spinning Out, Workin’ Moms, and so much more.

More often than not the crews roll into town, film for a few weeks, then hit the road again. And, sadly, the shows/movies are never actually set in Mississauga, with our city acting as a stand-in for some American town. And while that might be the case for the newest Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, Mississauga has left its prints on the show in a different way.

Never Have I Ever is the brainchild of Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Show fame, but it stars 18-year-old Mississauga-born actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in the leading role. The show debuted at the end of April to critical acclaim and immedaitely garndered a big fanbase that binged through Season 1.

The show is loosely based on Kaling’s real life story of growing up as an Indian-American in Boston, and struggling with the passing of her father. The teen dramedy has a ton of heart to follow its great humour, and it’s worth watching for fans of shows like 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, Daybreak, Santa Clarita Diet, and the like.

Incredibly, Ramakrishnan got the part of Devi on the show by answering an open casting call from Kaling on Twitter. She was chosen from a pool of over 15000 actresses and landed her first acting gig. The actress from Meadowvale absolutely nailed the role that Vulture described as “a delightful protagonist, an ideal mixture of understandably selfish, self-blind, legitimately funny, fundamentally good, and deeply caring.”

Ramakrishnan has sprung into stardom and no doubt has a huge career ahead of her, but she’s not forgetting where she’s from. Quite appropriately, when asked if she would be moving to Los Angeles, the teen responded “Mississauga is the new L.A.”