New Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Streetsville. As you know, Streetsville is an incredible destination for spas and salons.  I recently found out about an exciting new addition that takes looking great to the next level: a boutique clinic focused on Aesthetic Medicine, operated by award-winning physician and long-time Streetsville resident Dr. Anne-Marie Humniski MD.

I booked a visit with her to find out more and I’m very excited to share what I learned.

First off, I got a better understanding of what Aesthetic Medicine actually is. It’s non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that minimize the effects of aging and help you look your best.

Did you know a few well-placed facial injections can make you look fresher and less tired? In the hands of a skilled physician like Dr. Humniski, Health Canada-approved dermal fillers and Botox can do some pretty amazing things – without the trauma and recovery time of plastic surgery. By strategically injecting the right product in the right place on a patient’s face, she can make a soft jawline tighter, restore volume to sagging cheeks, or soften wrinkles. Whether you are male or female, the treatments provide immediately noticeable results and minimal recovery time.

Capable hands taking care of your face.

Unlike many spas/clinics, she offers something pretty unique services that are always performed by a physician. Her injection techniques and knowledge of facial anatomy have been honed over 20 years working in the ER and teaching at the U of T Faculty of Medicine. She stays current on innovations in medical aesthetics and facial sculpting techniques. In fact, many of her clients are doctors themselves – they know and trust her skill and expertise.

During my visit, she was warm, friendly and knowledgeable, patiently answering all my questions. My biggest one was around looking like I’ve had work done. I definitely don’t want that.

“A lot of people worry about looking ‘done’,” she says. “And with good reason. If you go to someone who isn’t well-trained, you could end up with results that look more obvious than you’d like. But at my clinic, it’s not about turning back the clock. It’s about making you look your best in a way that’s safe, natural and age-appropriate.”

Dr. Humniski offers complimentary consultations, flexible hours and complete discretion. Whether you’re getting ready for a big event, a job interview, dating again or your livelihood depends on face-to-face interactions, she can help you put your best face forward.

Visit for more information.