I think it’s fair to say that Mississauga has become something of a hotbed for shawarma. It seems that in the past year alone, we’re seeing new shawarma joints open up across the city. Well, the trend continues as another has recently popped-up and it offers some great shawarma at affordable prices.

Sham Gourmet is a brand new eatery that opened its doors on 377 Burnamthorpe Road East. The restaurant is part of a Dubai-based chain, and this marks its first location in Mississauga. The restaurant opened its doors last month and already holds an impressive 4.7 stars on Google reviews!

Sham Gourmet focuses on non-veg food with a middle eastern palette flavouring all of its dishes. The menu includes shawarma for as low as $10, as well as chicken salads, sausage sandwiches, kibbeh bowl, fried chicken, flafel, and various sides. And of course, the entire menu is halal!

Sham Gourmet also offers delivery on its entire menu, so that’s an added little bonus. Given that the delivery is part of the restaurant, it seems unlikely that it will work with Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes. The owners of Sham Gourmet say they aim to open a further five stores in Ontario by the end of 2018, so expect to see a lot more of Sham Gourmet by the years end!

Sham Gourmet is open now on Burnamthorpe Road East and offers great shawarma at great prices, as well as other meat dishes. There’s certainly no shortage of shawarma in Mississauga, but a little more never hurt anyone.