Last year we reported that a brand new brewery was making its way to Mississauga. The company was scheduled to join The Old Credit Brewing Company as one of Mississauga’s only breweries. Well, as we all know, life rarely goes according to plan and plans change.

Stonehooker Brewing Company was supposed to open in September of last year but unforeseen complications slowed everything down. Well, we’re here now and Stonehooker is prepping for its official opening next month at 866 Lakeshore Road East!

Stonehooker brewery Mississauga

Stonehooker is a fairly new company, but it made a good first impression with it’s first beer last year: Broad Reach Nor’Easter. The beer is an Indian Pale Ale, rather orange in colour, that evokes tastes of pineapple, passionfruit, and pine, which it goes down smooth with just a hint of bitterness on the back-end. It was added to The Crooked Cue last year and became a popular option.

Soon however, you won’t have to go to The Crooked Cue or anywhere else to get your hands on one of the company’s beers. The brewery, after months of setbacks, is scheduled to finally open its doors to the public sometime in March. Understandably the owners don’t want to promise a specific date just yet, but they are saying it’s only a matter of time.

So what can you expect from the brewery? Well, the brewery will feature a tap room and a retail store, which will include a lager, imperial stout, porter, milkshake IPA, and double IPA, among others. Each beer on offer will have a specific theme and distinct flavour palette, meaning there should be something to satisfy all tongues.

Craft beer is quickly becoming the most popular type in the city, so it’s exciting news that we have a brand new, dedicated brewery opening up on Lakeshore Road, and it’s one with deep roots to the area. Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of this long-awaited establishment near Port Credit, and prepare to have a new favourite drink!