When one window closes another opens. And such is the case with the recent closure of Souvlaki Port Credit, which is about to be replaced with a type of food the town has yet to see.

Souvlaki Port Credit had been a mainstay of the lakeshore town for long time but in recent years it has been overshadowed by Souvlaki Hut, just a few stores down the street. Sadly, the time has come for the former to shutter its doors but it’s not all bad news.

In the wake of Souvlaki, Port Credit is about to become home to its first-ever shawarma eatery. Yes, it’s hard to believe that Port Credit has never had a shawarma joint, considering it has Greek, Italian, Irish, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, and every other type of food. Well, Lazeez Shawarma aims to change all that when it opens in the near future.

Lazeez Shawarma is “authentically Middle Eastern and proudly Canadian”. The brand is known for some of the best shawarma you can find in the GTA, offering wraps with a variety of meats, or veggie options, as well as platters, appetizers, and salads. Lazeez also offers catering, if you want some tasty shawarma for a party.

The Lazeez Shawarma brand has been expanding massively since the first location opened in Mississauga in 2013, with Port Credit about to be the franchise’s fifteenth store! And more are opening in the coming months. Lazeez Shawarma will be opening in Port Credit soon, right next to Fired Up! Come celebrate new food!