Escape rooms are a pass-time that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Some can’t wrap their head around the appeal of locking yourself in a strange room and trying to escape. However those who love a good challenge, love puzzles, and love working as part of a team, understand why escape rooms are so very addictive.

Well, a brand new escape room facility has just opened in Mississauga, and it’s fittingly known as Trapped. The new business has opened its doors at 2273 Dundas Street West, and it promises a “premium escape room” experience.

Trapped Escape Room

Trapped is already one of Mississauga’s most robust escape room facilities, as it offers five different themes; Ancient Pyramid; Medieval Prison; Contaminated Hospital; Chaos Effect; and Death Note. Arguably the most exciting of all those is Death Note, which is based on a critically acclaimed anime series of the same name (available on Netflix and a must-watch). As is customary with escape rooms, each of these task you with finding clues and ultimately solving the puzzle and escaping…or being trapped forever. Well that last part isn’t quite true.

Trapped is set to become Mississauga’s premiere escape room experience, and we’ll leave you with a little info from the organisation themselves as to why they’re different:

At TRAPPED CANADA we believe your adventure begins from the moment you step into our lobby. Every aspect of your experience is tailored to provide you with an escape from your everyday life into something out of this world.

Our Game Masters are eagerly waiting to guide you into your personal escape story with our sterling customer service and an atmospheric introduction to the narrative of each of our themes. We’ll be on hand throughout your escape to provide just enough assistance to give you a satisfyingly challenging experience.

Once your journey to freedom begins you’ll discover that narrative and story are at the heart of everything we do. At TRAPPED CANADA your escape is not just a puzzle or a game, but a story that you are an integral part of. Everything in the game is designed with realism and immersion in mind and can be touched, examined and interacted with.

At TRAPPED CANADA you’re not just escaping a room, you’re starring in your own story of adventure, mystery and suspense!