As you well know, we here at YourSauga love festivals and big events in the city. So you can imagine our excitement when we recently caught wind that a new festival was about to be announced by Mississauga Councillor Dipika Damerla.

Well, Councilwoman Damerla announced said festival at popular Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Do Thi, on Hurontario and Dundas Street. The new festival will be all about food, and the placement of her announcement was a hint at where the festival will take place.

The Taste of Cooksville Food Festival will happen on Sunday, September 22, from 11 am to 4 pm. As soon as the announcement was made, Dipika Damerla’s website was updated to reflect the upcoming event. The website gives a detailed breakdown of what to expect:

Welcome to Taste of Cooksville. A street festival on Dundas celebrating local business and reimagining Cooksville. To those just driving by, today the historic corner of 5 and 10 may look like just another suburban intersection, where two busy streets meet full of cars whizzing by.

Slow down, roll down your window and look again and you will discover a wonderful place with hundreds of amazing eateries, fun shopping and a storied past. The locals already know this and its time to let the rest of the world in on the secret.

So, on September 22nd we will be closing off Dundas Street between Hurontario and Camilla and dressing up the street to transform it into a lively town square. Imagine a pretty street with flowers and plants, local restaurants spilling on to the sidewalk, live music, buskers, and so much more. Did we mention great food?

So Dundas Street between Hurontario and Camilla will be shut down to accommodate the exciting new festival on September 22nd. There will be live music, bounce castles, a skate park, a heritage walking tour, henna demonstrations, and more.

All of this is part of councilwoman Damerla’s plan to transform Cooksville into a vibrant part of the city that people flock to, and it’s a great first step. We’re very excited to attend the Taste of Cooksville event on September 22nd, and we hope to see you there!