For those who are looking for a good halal barbecue place in Mississauga, there’s some great news. After a long wait, Mississauga is finally getting a halal BBQ spot that it deserves. This opens up a great alternative for those who were looking to try comfort BBQ foods, but weren’t able to find halal options. It is definitely a game changer.

The Mad Ox will be bringing halal comfort food to those in the Erin Mills area.Located right by Gladiator burgers, you definitely will not be able to miss seeing the sign in the plaza. With an array of different comfort foods your taste buds are sure to be dancing and loving it. Though it currently is not open, the anticipation is definitely going to be worth it. 

What’s on the menu?

Like we mentioned, comfort food is at the core of this restaurant. With appetizers like deep fried mac and cheese balls or Yucca fries you’re certainly in for a treat, then enjoy the real reason you came there for, which is the BBQ goodness. With delicious BBQ options like brisket or if you’re interested in trying something different, the pulled lamb. If you’re looking for something spicier, the Nashville Hot Chicken will be a must try.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, you can indulge with a good selection ranging from the classic house brisket to the Montreal smoked beef. If you’re feeling a more indian fusion, you can try the smoked tandoori chicken sandwich. If you want a healthy alternative, there are a few options available, such as their caesar salad or their beet salad. 

Like you, we cannot wait to dig into a plate of deliciousness from the Mad Ox and will definitely update you when this amazing BBQ restaurant is finally opened.