You might have noticed that a swathe of new stores and businesses have opened up in and around Port Credit as of late. We’re always excited for new openings but when they happen in Port Credit it’s always newsworthy.

Such is the case with the brand new home decor store that recently opened at 249 Lakeshore Road East. Revive Consignment is immediately recognisable for its bright green sign out front, and the plethora of furniture adorning the front window. And one of the reasons we love this new store is because it’s a passion project by a real person:

My name is Suzanne I am the owner of Revive. I am mother of 4 and wife to my wonderful husband. I have been re-purposing and refinishing furniture for 28 years. I have always tried to make our wonderful world a safer and better place for all.


So, as the name suggests, Revive Consignment is a place that takes unwanted furniture, spruces it up, and sells it on at a very reasonable price. However you can take part as well:

We advertise and sell your product for you!

Our inventory system tracks each item during the consignment period, allowing Revive to pay it’s consignors on the 15th of every month.

So if you have some stuff you’d like to pass along, you can take it to Revive Consignment in Port Credit with no appointment necessary. If your product sells then you will get money, but if it doesn’t sell your furniture is given to charity.

As for what you can find at Revive Consignment, there’s just about everything; from clothes to tables, mirrors to rugs, chairs to ornaments, and so much more. You can check out the website for the store, which updates regularly with images of what is available at that time.

Revive Consignment is Mississauga’s newest home decor store with a twist. You can get involved in selling furniture, or you can just head to the store on Lakeshore to peruse what’s available. Either way, check it out and let us know what you think!