The Erin Mills Town Centre has, over the past few years, made some incredible strides. The Town Centre aims to become Mississauga’s numero uno destination for shopping, and it’s certainly staking its claim.

Part of what makes a mall so appealing, is a great food court. This is an area that the higher-ups at Erin Mills have addressed in the past, giving the entire food court a renovation just three years ago. The food court at Erin Mills is now a beautiful space that is almost identical to that of Sherway Gardens.

However, a food court is meaningless if it isn’t overflowing with incredible food options. And the Erin Mills Town Centre has just added a fantastic new option: Amaya Express, the Indian restaurant chain.

Amaya, according to the brand itself, aims to bring high-quality, Indian restaurant food to you, at reasonable prices. Amaya serves your customary Indian fare, from Chicken Tikka Masala curry to Tandoori Chicken Shawarma. Of course, you can get the usual sides of rice, naan bread, roti, and more. It isn’t an extensive menu but it’s a superlative one.

Amaya brings a different option and flavour palette to the Erin Mills food court. Those seeking something spicy and flavourful, should try Amaya’s unique brand of curry, shawarma, samosa’s and more.

Erin Mills Town Centre is rapidly becoming an exciting shopping destination in Mississauga, and giving Square One a run for its money. Next time you head there, be sure to give Amaya a try and see if it lives up to the hype, we think so!