We’re always excited when a new restaurant opens its doors in Mississauga, and today is yet another one of those times.

Now, to be honest, often when restaurants open in Mississauga it’s aroun Square One, Port Credit, or Dundas Street, so we’re always a smidge more excited when it’s somewhere else. And that’s the case today as we tell you about a brand new Indian restaurant at The Heartland Town Centre.

Masala Canteen is the name of the restaurant, and it’s all about authentic Indian cuisine with a twist and some great service. See what Masala Canteen is all about, right from the owners mouth:

The word Canteen translates quite literally as cafeteria and this is the ethos behind the innovative menu of the Masala Canteen, our authenticity on a refined yet inventive Indian cuisine, the menu incorporates both traditional classic favourites and original new dishes that apply eastern flavours with a western twist. Masala Canteen is not only known for its opulence & grandeur but also for the depth of its cuisine. At Masala Canteen we assure you warm, friendly and personalized service with a smile.

Masala Canteen

Masala Canteen is a popular restaurant in India, Qatar, and England, but this marks its first restaurant in North America and for that we’re very excited. So what type of foods can you find there?

Well the menu is split into sections that focus on Indian curries, madras, roti, chaat, homemade soups, paneer tikka, and even some Chinese noodle dishes. It’s quite a big menu, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

So as you can see, we’re pretty darn excited for the new Masala Canteen restaurant at The Heartland Town Centre; just another reason to visit the booming mall at the corner of Mavis and Britannia. There’s no official opening date just yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when there is. Until then, get your taste buds prepared for a world of wonderful Indian cuisine!