Is there anything more exciting than a new restaurant opening? Well, of course, but that doesn’t mean new openings aren’t still great!

Every single week Mississauga sees new businesses open and, in particular, new restaurants are popping-up west, east, and centre. That said, we’re always happy to report on the latest restaurant to open its doors and waft it’s delicious smells out onto our streets, imploring us to wander inside and fill our bellies beyond reasonable measure.

The latest such shop to do so, comes to us from Rathburn Road, at number 900, and it’s a specialist in Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine! Bitunthavanam, as tasty as it is hard to say!

Bitunthavanam offers up some traditional Asian cuisine, like rice & curry, noodles, kottu rotti, briyani, fried rice, pakoda, and so much more! It’s also extremely cheap, meaning you can get Beef Kottu Rotti for $6.50, Squid Rice & Curry for $6.50, or 100 String Hopper with Sambol and Sothi for $12! It’s not the most extensive menu but what Bitunthavanam does, it truly specialises in.

Bitunthavanam may look and sound familiar, and that’s because the restaurant has previously operated a store in the Heartland Town Centre. Now however, they’ve branced out and found a proper store of their own. The new restaurant opened a week ago and it’s sure to be a hit in the north of the city!

So if you’re in the mood for some authentic Indian cuisine, head to 900 Rathburn Road West and try out Mississauga’s newest addition to the Asian food scene!