If you are an avid watcher of the news, or just watch the news in general it may seem that any story or reference regarding the Korean peninsula is either a negative or a dangerous one – and in some cases both. F

rom nuclear threats to military exercises there doesn’t seem to be much positive other than the 2018 Winter Olympics and K-Pop (if you happen to be fan).

One thing that unites humanity more often than not is food, and in recent years Korean cuisine has struck a chord with many far from the peninsula.

K-Pocha brands itself as establishment “for people of all ages” and can – and will – cater to “simple gatherings or big events” such as birthday parties”. So whatever the occasion may be big or small or maybe you just want a bite to eat this is a spot you should check out if you are in Mississauga or in the area.

Please note that if you have a large group, it would likely be best to make a reservation.

The menu at K-Pocha includes:


Many types of chicken including wings with flavors – sweet & spicy, soy & garlic, half spicy half fried, half spicy half soy & garlic, green onion and sno-wing.

Thigh, wing and drumstick platters (2.5 lbs.) in all of the aforementioned flavors above.

Boneless One Bite Chicken (again the flavors have been previously mentioned)

NOTE: All their chicken is rated on a four pepper scale for heat

1 – Mild, 2 – Medium, 3 – Hot, 4 – Extreme


A wide selection of fries, hot poutine, tako wasabi, tako yaki, shrimp, cheese egg rolls, beef tartare, seafood pancake, fish jerky, dried squid and more are available.


A variety of dishes made from chicken, beef, pork, sausage and gizzard. Made spicy, deep fried, braised or in any other manner that is on the menu. Which come along with sides, of fried rice, rice cakes, glass, noodles, BBQ cheese & udon noodles.


There are also many soups to choose from as well.


You will find alcoholic (different types of beers) and non-alcoholic choices to pick from.

For further information and location:

169 Dundas Street East, Unit #7

Mississauga ON, L5A, 1W8

Phone: 905-824-2141


Business Hours

5:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Open 7 Days a Week