To a European who was accustomed to finding alcohol readily available in every grocery store, and countless independent stores, the very idea of LCBO is a confusing one. However, the organisation has been running in Canada for 90 years and operates 651 stores throughout the country. Well, you can change that number to 652!

A new LCBO store has just opened its doors in Malton’s Westwood Mall. The new location is a huge stand-alone store that occupies a space of 10,000 square feet to showcase its selection of almost 2000 wine, beer, spirit, cooler, and cocktails. A large selection of vintage and premium wines will also be available, many of which are Ontario-based products.

According to LCBO, the Malton location will provide a “convenient and one-stop beverage alcohol service” to approximately 50,000 residents, with the population of the area set to increase 8% over the next decade. LCBO sees the Malton store as a lone-term investment but one that will be a big success right away.

The new store opening follows LCBO’s recent announcement that the organisation would soon be opening marijuana stores throughout Ontario, including right here in Mississauga. The marijuana stores will be the first of their kind but are expected to be massively popular.

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