Heading into Christmas, retail space at Square One is a premium. Meaning any new stores that open are paying high dollar for the chance to become a new hot-spot for holiday shoppers. And such is the case with Square One’s newest opening, Plus.

Generic name aside, Plus is Canada’s self-anointed premiere luxury streetwear shop. Which is a corporate jargon way of saying the company sells high-end sneakers, t shirts, accessories, and so on. They look to take the clothing scene by storm at Square One Mall, and they definitely have the youthful vibe to do so.

Plus deals in popular streetwear brands like Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, Bape, Palace, Off-White, Vlonge, and Revenge. Those companies deal in a variety of clothing and accessories, from hats and skateboards with Palace, to hoodies and low-top shoes with Revenge. Or if you’re looking for something super-random, you can also pick-up some Kaws and Bearbrick figures, which would make for cute little gifts for kids backpacks and such.

Beyond those more obscure brands, you’ll also be able to find loads of Nike and Adidas. In regards to Adidas, you can get Yeezy’s, Pharrell’s, Pureboost, and more to suit your walking needs. As for Nike, Plus offers a plethora of Jordan’s, Blazers, and lots of high-top retro’s. Naturally these high-end shoes don’t come cheap, but you wouldn’t even walk into the store if you didn’t have the cash to splurge.

If anything you’ve read here sounds appealing to you, then you should know that Plus is open now in Square One Mall and it can be found on the second floor, next door to Hudson’s Bay. If you want to peruse the store shelves first, check out the official website before you head to the Mall and buy some goodies for Christmas. Happy shopping!