A long-standing establishment in Mississauga, Walker’s Fish Market, abruptly closed its doors recently but it hasn’t taken long for new ownership to take its place.

Joummar, a new Middle Eastern restaurant has laid claim to the space and will be opening in the near future. The restaurant will have a Middle Eastern flavour palette, with a distinct focus on Iraqi cuisine – which is one culture that we do not have enough options of in the city.

The menu will include stuffed lamb, magluba, lamb shoulder, dolma, meat tshreeb, meat biryani, and the special masgouf, which is pretty much barbecued fish. Joummar will also focus on shawarma, however they’re teasing something called “inside-out shawarma”, so we’re pretty excited to see what kind of spin they put on the classic dish.

As you can see, the menu is full of traditional Iraqi dishes, most of which are fairly new to Missississauga. There is also a Mediterranean wing of the menu that is sure to also fulfil a need. The menu is being teased on a weekly basis on the official Facebook page, and they’ve been doing so since February, so we can expect some concrete details in the near future.

Joummar is currently renovating the space it adopted from Walker’s Fish Market, at 2575 Dundas Street West, and so no official opening date has been announced yet. We’ll let you know when we hear word of an official date, and when that happens, be sure you’re among the first to try Joummar, Mississauga’s hottest new Iraqi restaurant!