As Mississauga grows and expands at an unprecedented rate, it’s important we keep in touch with nature. As more houses, shops, industrial area’s, and apartment complexes erect across the city, we run the risk of becoming a concrete jungle.

That’s why it’s crucial that we celebrate and nurture the environment, ensuring that it grows with us and provides us with a much-needed sense of harmony and peace. And that is why we’re so excited about the official opening of Mississauga’s latest park!

Photo Courtesy of OntarioRocksNRelic’s

The Danville Park can be found at 6275 Danville Road, Mississauga. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s near Courtney Park and Kennedy, and sits atop the hill. It will be difficult to miss the park moving forward, with the incredible art sculpture of a paper airplane overlooking the region. The purpose of the sculpture and its positioning, is to actually act as a viewing platform for the nearby Pearson Airport. So you can sit by the steel paper airplane and watch real planes land and take-off.

The park was designed to be functional all year-round, as most parks see huge dips in attendance during winter. As such, the park boasts a cricket facility, cycling tracks, toboggan hills, and much more.

The grand opening of the park, and in particular the aviation space mentioned above, takes place on Wednesday 29th of August at 1:30 PM, with Mayor Crombie and other officials in attendance. There will also be some food and drink served at 2:00 PM, once the ceremony has commenced. So come to the opening ceremony and celebrate Mississauga’s wonderful new park!