With all the recent openings of restaurants, Dundas Street is quickly becoming one of Mississauga’s premier foodie destinations. Well, that rapid expansion continues with a new restaurant that just opened its doors at 888 Dundas Street East.

Pho Black Bull is the latest addition to the Mississauga Asian cuisine scene. Vietnamese cuisine is plentiful in Mississauga but Pho Black Bull aims to be one of the best such options available!

Pho Black Bull Mississauga

Pho Black Bull’s menu is extensive, in fact there are more than 100 options available on it! From appetisers to beef rice noodle soup, stone bowl pho to ginseng stone bowl pho, vegetarian dishes to hot pot, and fondue to the black bull speciality. There’s no shortage of great Vietnamese food options, and you’ll be able to wash them down with various milkshake and milk tea offerings!

Pho Black Bull prides itself on making authentic pho, which means doing it the old fashioned way and cooking the broth for a full day! And, if you’ve never had the option before, we recommend getting the ginseng stone bowl pho, which is a unique and delicious offering that you won’t find at too many other pho restaurants in the city.

Pho is an excellent food option when the weather starts to dip into the deep minuses. Sure soup is good, but Pho has noodles and meat, which makes it a far better option all around. So next time you find yourself peckish and in need of warming-up, consider, Pho Black Bull on Dundas Street East!