Can there ever be too much of a good thing? Yes, there most certainly can, but perhaps not when that thing is pizza!

With that in mind, we’re happy to tell you that a new pizza shop is coming to the Erin Mills area very soon. However it’s not a brand new shop, it’s the second branch of a great pizza store in Oakville: Four Brothers.

What makes Four Brothers unique is that it’s more than just a pizza restaurant, it also offers “world famous chicken wings” and lots of juice. So you can order a lot of 10, 20, or 30 wings, along with 15 different sauces including Smokey BBQ, Franks Red Hot, Smoked Lime Tequila, and Honey Garlic.

Four Brothers Pizza Mississauga

As for the juice bar, Four Brothers offers make-your-own desert smoothies, real fruit smoothies, protein passion smoothies, and a unique type known as Immunity Smoothies (“Choose from our delicious premium frozen fruits, blended with whey protein, low-fat frozen yogurt, 100% freshly squeezed orange juice, banana & honey”). As you’re making your smoothie you can toss in wheat grass, matcha, ginseng, and any number of awesome healthy ingredients, making Four Brothers akin to a Booster Juice.

However a pizza shop wouldn’t be much of a pizza shop if it didn’t offer great pie. Four Brothers offers five sizes of pizza, ranging from small to party size, and the usual array of ingredients; salami, sun dried tomato, ground beef, roasted red pepper, Italian ham, anchovies, pineapple, and more.

As mentioned, Four Brothers already operates a store in Oakville. So what do the locals there think of the brand? Well we took to Google Reviews and found it has a 4.7 star rating based on 220 reviews. Here are a few of the most recent reviews:

My dad came home from work one day and couldn’t stop talking about the pizza from here, so he decided to take us. Its hidden in a small plaza but much bigger when you enter the place. It was relatively clean and the staff was very welcoming. I really enjoyed the old style diner aesthetic they had going on and the booths were perfect for families and friends to come together and share a pizza. We ordered a custom half and half large pizza and it only came up to $16! It was so good and super cheesy. Will be back again!


– Jasmine Kharouf

The best pizza I’ve had so far! The crust isn’t greasy, it’s light and fluffy. The toppings and cheese are always equally distributed. The restaurant is clean and the price is right. My go to spot for pizza. Keep up the good work! Shout out to Lateef and Nicholas for their awesome service!


– Tina Armstrong

Called to place an order with no issues. Service was really good. Staff is friendly.
Pizza was good. They are generous with their toppings.
Standout was the wings – I would say the best wings I’ve had in a long time.


– S. Corben

So there you have it. Four Brothers is a well liked establishment in Oakville and it will soon be one in Mississauga. Erin Mills is getting another top-notch restaurant and we can’t wait to try the pizza and renowned wings. See you there!