Sometimes we get lost in the forest and don’t realize just how lucky we are here in Mississauga. If you’re someone who has lived here your entire life, you may not realize that such an incredibly diverse and active food scene is not normal.

Mississauga is a food-lovers dream come true as there is literally every type of cuisine imaginable, easy access, and new places opening every single week. Again, that is not normal; most other cities and towns throughout the western world do not have such an active food scene. So it’s good every now and again to take a step back and appreciate what we have.

As such, it’s also important to note that not all businesses can survive. Restaurants open and close all of the time in our fair city, it’s just the nature of the beast. And with that being said, it’s time to tell you about such a story today.

There’s a little food spot in Port Credit that’s had a string of bad luck. 152 Lakeshore Road East is the location, right beside Tim Horton’s and The Verve gas station. Three years ago, it was a restaurant by the name of Fork My Life. That shuttered and made way for Buddha Bowls. After about a year in business, Buddha Bowls also closed down and the space stayed that way for some time. Then came Prince’s Fine Caribbean Cuisine and now, about a year later, it’s also gone.

As you can stem from the name of the article however, this isn’t a sad story. That’s because Prince’s had made way for another new restaurant, and this one is called Mangoss.

Mangoss Restaurant & Lounge opened its doors just over a week ago and it immediately caught our eye with its bright neon sign that includes a pineapple. Inside is slightly renovated from what Prince’s looked like, but it’s a casual eatery with comfy seats and low lighting.

As for the food, Mangoss specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine. You’ll find eggplant fatteh, yam fries, baba ganoush, lamb, and much more. There are no reviews as of yet on Google or Yelp, but you can expect those to appear in the coming days or weeks.

Mangoss is the latest restaurant to open in Port Credit’s seemingly cursed spot at 152 Lakeshore Road East. Only time will tell if Mangoss can buck the trend but we’re rooting for it!