We’re always excited when a new restaurant opens up in Mississauga, particularly when it’s anywhere other than Port Credit or Cooksville because the rest of the city needs some love!

As such, we’re happy to be here telling you about a new restaurant in Streetsville. The new opening comes to us by way of Toronto and it’s a hugely popular Indian restaurant by the name of Butter Chicken Roti:

Our passion started with the need to bring the best flavours from India and share it with the masses in the best roti you will find in town!

Roti is an Indian flatbread made from flour. We have taken the traditional Indian curries and wrapped them in a roti, serving them as a wrap. We can also serve curry and roti on the side if you prefer enjoying them separately.

As you might imagine, Butter Chicken Roti does exactly what it says on the tin. The restaurant specialises in all things roti, and that means you can choose curry roti, saag roti, jalfrezi roti, tikka masala roti, vindaloo roti, korma roti, or the signature namesake roti. With each of thoe dishes you can choose to have either chicken, shrimp, or lamb as your meat.

Worry not dear vegetarians, because Butter Chicken Roti also caters to you. There’s aloo mutter roti, chana roti, saag chana roti, mixed veg roti, and malai kofta roti to name just a few. There are also sides like samosa’s, rice, masala fries, and desserts like rasmalai and gulab jamun (which are like spongy milk balls).

As if all that didn’t sound tasty enough, you can also choose your spice level, make your own roti, and order online to collect. The restaurant hasn’t opened just yet but there is signage posted around what used to be Second Cup at 213 Queen Street South. The coffee shop just closed its doors recently in a shock to most, but the building won’t be staying dormant for very long.