Square One’s long in-progress and long-awaited westward expansion is just about completed.

First came the hotly anticipated UNIQLO clothing store, which brought Japanese casual wear to the mall. Recently the new, two-storey Indigo book store opened, replacing the Chapters that was located across the street. Next was The Rec Room, the two-storey entertainment complex, which just opened its doors last week.

And the final piece of the puzzle is The Food District; the big new food court that is opening within Square One Mall, and it’s happening on April 1st! However this isn’t quite like the food court that already exists within Square One, this is more artisanal foods and lifestyle merchants.

That may sound a little confusing, so let’s break it down further. You won’t be finding places like McDonald’s and New York Fries in The Food District, it’s aiming to be a little more elegant…hipster, if you will. It’s yet another addition in Square One’s lengthy campaign to make the mall more high-class, akin to Sherway.


So what you will find at The Food District is 25 food and lifestyle merchants, which is a fancy way of saying food vendors. Such as Midici, which is an American pizza brand; Pier 87, which is a fish market and grill; The Pie Commission, a Toronto-born homemade pie restaurant; and Sweet Jesus, an ice-cream store that puts an eye-popping ingredients on a cone.

And those are just four of the 25 of the new vendors that will be in the The Food District come April 1st. If you’ve been seeking a little bit more from the food in Square One, but don’t want to leave the mall to go to Canyon Creek or other nearby restaurants, The Food District might be the perfect addition to the mall for you. It’s an elegant new place to sit, eat, and socialise with friends, and we hope to see you there on April 1st!