As the old saying goes, what’s old is new again!

With the advent of smartphones, more people gaming, and children being less… childish, toys have seemingly taken a backseat in the past decade. As such, many toys stores have fallen by the wayside and us older folks have lamented the loss of our favourite places to go as children. The most infamous of these closures being Toys ‘R’ Us.

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom on the physical toy front; Toys Toys Toys is making something of a comeback! Toys Toys Toys was Toronto’s biggest and most popular independent toy store from the early 1990’s. The brand has just opened a new store within Erin Mills Town Centre, and just in time for Christmas!

Well, we should be clear, it’s no longer known as Toys Toys Toys, the brand is now Toys Cubed – so the same thing but a little more succinct. There’s currently nine Toys Cubed stores throughout the GTA and Erin Mills is now one of them!

The store offers all types of toys, everything you’d normally expect, and plenty that you wouldn’t! This year you might stumble across some Fingerlings, L.O.L Surprises, Pikmi Pop Surprises, Nickelodeon Slime, furReal Munchin’ Rex, or the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn! There’s no shortage of in-demand toys for the 2018 Christmas season, and Toys Cubed promises to have them all!

Toys Cubed is open now in Erin Mills Town Centre and you should take a visit sometime in the next two months, if not for your kids then for your inner child!