You can never have enough healthy food options available to you, and another one has just opened its doors.

Last month we told you that Trish Juice had started renovating a recently vacated spot in Port Credit, right next door to Bigs Milk, and the location has officially opened!

Trish Juice is a popular juice bar that already operates a location in Mississauga, at 2430 Lucknow Drive, very close to the airport. The brand new store is located at 8 Lakeshore Road West, although bizarrely on the website it is listed as being in Oakville. Regardless, the new location is sure to be a hit with the locals and the tourists who come to Port Credit every weekend when the weather peaks.

The store is a nice mixture of modern and rustic inside, as you can see in the image above, the store blends matte black paint with unpainted wooden counters and a nice hardwood floor and walls with decals. And the staff are delightful to boot. So I guarantee you’ll walk away impressed with the design and customer service.

The store offers fresh juice, whether that’s orange, apple, carrot, or other, smoothies, milkshakes, coffee, bubble tea, smoothie bowls, salads, wraps and more. For the super-health conscious, there’s also wheat grass, tumeric, ginger and summer shots, and a word of advice: get a smoothie instead of juice, because juicing actually removes much of the goodness from fruit or vegetables and leaves little but sugar behind.

Trish Juice offers a great menu that is sure to give Booster Juice some stiff competition this summer. Trish Juice in Port Credit is open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, which is perfect for those looking an early-morning kickstart that isn’t coffee, and those looking a post-workout snack.