The long-awaited opening of a new Port Credit Restaurant/bar has finally come to pass. As of Friday April 20th, Nomads Restobar is officially open for business in Port Credit!

The restobar has been under construction for the past 6 months – or more, honestly it feels like it’s always been there at this point – and it seemed like an official open would never come. Well, just the other day the bar had a soft opening, and since then has had a sign on the door that promised an official opening on Friday the 20th.

The restaurant is located on the main street of Port Credit, right next to 2-4-1 Pizza and Raw Aura. It has a nice solid black sign with the name above the door, and inside the bar boasts a casual rustic design. Large wooden tables, a map of the world, and a rusty old bike on the wall, are the primary decorations, with black walls and a T.V or two completing the casual experience.

We’re a family owned, tight knit group who have a passion and love for the restaurant game.


Our chef David, who earned the moniker “Chile” has been a Red Seal chef for almost fifteen years. He created a menu that wears the tagline “Global Inspirations – Local Creations.” We give you the chance to try a roasted sweet potato chimichanga, pesto and mozzarella stuffed arancini or shrimp fried rice all in one place.

As stated in the mantra for Nomads, the restobar boasts a rather eclectic food menu. You can see inspirations from across the globe; each item on the menu even lists its origin, be it Cuba, India, Portugal, U.S.A, China, France or Scandinavia. A large part of the menu is made up of shareable options, which create a fun atmosphere of friendship and comradery.

Port Credit has always been a hotspot for great restaurants in Mississauga, and Nomads certainly adds to that reputation. If you want to try Mississauga’s hottest new restaurant, you can do so by coming to Port Credit anytime!