If you’re someone who was happy when marijuana was finally legalized last year, then you might be interested to know that Canada’s #1 cannabis festival is coming to Mississauga this month!

The event is a showcase for businesses and industry people to come together and show how quickly everything is moving forward and how things are changing. Here’s a description of the event from the official website:

The country’s premiere cannabis business conference & expo, O’Cannabiz is a gathering of the complete Canadian and International industry conducting high level networking under one roof. It is a full-spectrum cannabis B2B event that connects thousands of expert companies and brands integrated in the full 360 degrees of the industry. These include: lighting, nutrients, greenhouse construction and supplies, peer-reviewed agri-practices, lifestyle, medical and legal issues, marketing, the hiring of professionally trained growing staff, best financial and investment advice, quality control and market analyses. It is, in short, a buffet of best-business practices. And it’s your best opportunity to source… shop… network… and grow.

The event has been voted Canada’s #1 Cannabis Event by High Canada Event and it will take place on Saturday April 27th at the International Centre.

O'Cannabiz Mississauga

Speakers at the event will include Bruce Linton, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Canopy Growth CorporationAmanda Conley, Partner at Brand & Branch LLP and Founding Treasurer of the National Cannabis Bar Association, Chuck UnderwoodFounder/ Principal, The Generational Imperative, Autumn R. Karcey, President of Cultivo, Inc., Dooma Wendschuh, Co-Founder and CEO of Province and Shabnam Malek, Partner at Brand & Branch LLP and Founding President of the National Cannabis Bar Association.

O’Cannabiz is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the business of marijuana and potentially learn how to invest yourself. It’s a place to learn from those current leading the charge about how to get in and where the industry is heading. It’s exciting times in regards to legal weed in Canada and this may be the perfect place to get in on the ground floor.