Join us at Celebration Square on Tuesday November 21 at 3:00 PM, for the official unveiling of Conference at the Council House.

Conference at the Council House is a new permanent public art sculpture that stands at the entrance to the Central Library and Mississauga Celebration Square, as a monument to remind the local community of the rich history and diversity of the location.

What does the sculpture look like? Well the official description gives you a good idea: “Thirty birds gather on and around a white steel tower and cupola that is an artistic replica of the tower that tops the historic Council House built 132 years ago on the New Credit reserve in Hagersville – the land the Mississauga people moved to in 1847 from their ancestral home on the Credit River in what is now known as the city of Mississauga.”

The historic Council House, the tower of which will be the basis of the sculpture

This new public art display comes as the result of a collaboration between Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens, which took the shape of the Studio of Received Ideas in 2013. The initiative was formed with the intention of developing public art, all the way from concept and design to production and installation. The SRI works with local artists, architects, and communities to produce art that reflects the culture and community it will reside within.

The Ministry of Canadian Heritage have supported the Conference at Council House project with an incredible grant of $199,000. The grant goes beyond funding the sculpture itself, and will also be used to encourage residents to understand the importance of history and reconciliation with indigenous communities.

The unveiling of the incredible new sculpture will take place at 3:00 PM on Tuesday November 21, at Celebration Square in the city centre. The event is free to attend and everyone is encouraged to come and celebrate.