One of Mississauga’s most unique bars celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we think it’s worth mentioning.

The Old Stable Pub in Port Credit is a very different kind of pub but one that has maintained a loyal customer base, allowing it to celebrate it’s 30th birthday in 2017.

If you’ve never been inside, you really owe it to yourself to take a trip. Right away you’ll be taken aback by the decor; as the name suggests, The Old Stable Pub is a western-themed bar that boasts a very wooden and earthy vibe. Deer heads and antlers adorn the walls, alongside of saddles and all sorts of fittingly garish decor. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into the wild west!

Rather surprisingly, the pub is actually of Polish origin, as reflected by the menu. From cabbage rolls to pierogies, goulash to chili, and even cabbage stew, the menu is authentically Polish and offers some of the best Slavic dishes in the city. It’s not all central European cuisine though, as you can also grab a pizza, lasagna, or some nacho’s.

The bar also offers some great draft beers, domestic and imported bottles, and your standard fair of whiskey, vodka, rum, Jagermeister and so on. Wines, martini’s and cocktails are also on sale, as well as some special drinks like an Irish coffee. For those not alcohol-inclined, you can grab a tea, coffee, pop, juice, ice tea, Clamato, or good old fashioned water.

The Old Stable Pub has been around for quite some time and there’s a reason why: quality food, quality drinks, and a rowdy atmosphere of regulars, with newcomers always welcome. If you’ve never been, 2017 seems like a perfect time to saddle up and celebrate history.