On July 24, 2018, after a long wait, one of Streetsville’s favourite food options finally reopened.  ‘On-Z-Rocks’, located at 180 Queen St. at the corner of Tannery St. is once again serving delicious shawarma to its multitude of fans and for a limited time at 2015 prices!

Originally opening in March 2015, the establishment quickly earned a reputation for quick, hot, and flavourful food.  Unfortunately, in November of that year an electrical issue sparked a two-alarm fire that required 60 firefighters to extinguish and forced the nascent hot spot to close.  Although it had only been open a short while, On-Z-Rocks had developed a loyal following, with some patrons visiting twice a day to satisfy their need for a savoury and nutritious meal or snack.

Owner Jason El-Attar, who currently employs ten staff (and is seeking more!) is justifiably proud of the new look of his restaurant.  Situated on the corner as it is, there are bright windows on two sides which allow in plenty of sunshine.  That aspect is carried through the restaurant itself with light-coloured tile accented by panels of orange on the walls.

For those who have yet to enjoy the shawarma experience, it primarily consists of marinated chicken or beef which is skewered on a spit and roasted vertically in front of braziers.  The slow cooking allows all of the flavours to blend resulting in a delicious foundation on which to build a satisfying grilled wrap or entrée.  Also available are beef kafta, souvlaki, donair, vegetarian falafel, and salad.

For exceptional value, the On-Z-Rocks special features your choice of plain, basmati or lentil rice (or fries) which serves as the bed for a generous helping of the desired protein.  This is then covered with sauces ranging from mild and creamy to extra hot and spicy.  The wraps and entrees are prepared before your eyes behind a clear glass bar.  The variety of condiments and fixings is prepared fresh daily and provide a colourful accent to the browns of the meats and grilled wraps.

Open from 11am until late, On-Z-Rocks serves up excellent, healthy food (mostly under $10) to a regular clientele of lunch and dinner shawarma aficionados.  Be sure to roll on in for a quick snack or a filling meal as soon as your appetite demands and also take advantage of the limited time opening special  – 2015 pricing!