By:  Monica Kucharski

Most of Canada (well, at least most of Canada’s female population), tunes in each Wednesday to watch the latest segment of the hugely popular reality show “Bachelor Canada.”

If by some odd chance you don’t know the premise of the show—a bachelor, chosen for his irresistible appeal (looks + personality + accomplishments) searches for love as 20 women do whatever it takes to win his heart.  And who is this year’s Canada’s most eligible bachelor?  Mississauga’s own, Christopher Adam Leroux.

A former MLB pitcher who played for the New York Yankees, the Florida Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates, Leroux was born in Montreal, but moved to Mississauga’s Streetsville neighbourhood at the age of three, where he grew up with his parents and his brother.  Chris attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School, a Catholic high school in Streetsville.

The show still has some 6 episodes to air, so nobody knows how Leroux’s televised journey to find true love ends.  Has this 33-year-old hunk finally found his one and only, and will he and his beloved live happily ever after – maybe in Mississauga?  After all, his parents still reside in Streetsville!

In the meantime, ladies, there is another reason for you to visit Streetsville’s Christmas in the Village event later this month.  Since Leroux’s family lives nearby, who knows, he just might be home for the holidays, right?

And seeing that we still don’t know Leroux’s romantic status, and life is full of miracles (especially at Christmas time) here’s a tip for you:  in an interview with Global News, Leroux revealed that his type is actress Rachel McAdams, and “Personality wise, I like women who are funny, kind and have a big heart.”

But if, alas, that final rose is not destined to be yours after all, at least you just might get a glimpse of Canada’s Bachelor strolling along Streetsville’s Christmas in the Village!