As you likely know, we here at YourSauga love festivals and events. We can’t get enough of these awesome family-friendly, culturally educational events and we’re always excited to tell you about them. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we love summer so much, as that’s when all the shindigs are happening.

Well, if you’re like us, you’re going to be very happy to hear that the Ontario government has announced more funding to go towards new festivals in the city!

Just recently, Lisa MacLeod, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport for Ontario, announced that there would be an additional $2 million in event funding going to various areas across the province. MacLeod cited the Celebrate Ontario program as a big success, and the reason the government is able to provide more funding for the festivals and events.

This comes as no real surprise because tourism is one of the sole biggest sources of income for the entire province, raking in a mind-blowing $34 billion a year. So more festivals theoretically means more jobs and more income from both locals and tourists.

Mississauga is already home to events like The Waterfront Festival, the Egyptian Coptic Festival, Southside Shuffle, Japan Fest, The Waterfront Festival, Mississauga Rotary Ribfest, and BuskerFest. So it feels like we have most of the bases covered, but what new festivals or events would you like to come to the city? Are there cultures that don’t have a celebration yet? Or would you like to see some more music-based festivals? How about more movie festivals? And where would these festivals take place?

There’s no shortage of options and we’re incredibly excited to see what, when, and where! More funding for festivals is great news and it can only make our city more appealing to tourists and a greater destination for living.