Dundas Street East is a very busy area in Mississauga, but it’s fair to say it has a reputation for not being high-class in comparison to some other areas. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, lots of us would much rather forego pretension in favour of comfort and reasonable prices. Sometimes however, we can have the best of both worlds.

Speaking of such, today we’re shining a spotlight on the fancy/casual restaurant, The Open Cork. You’ll find this fine establishment at 2101 Dundas Street East. It’s a very nice place that’s easy to spot due to the sign by the nearby road. While the outside is rather unassuming, the inside is a whole different story.

There’s two different sections; the restaurant and the lounge. The former is a low-lit, romantic setting with comfortable chairs and unique wall decor. The latter meanwhile, is a bright and classy area with TV’s, high ceiling, and a wall of bottles that is much more stylish than it sounds (as you can see below). It’s a beautiful restaurant from top to bottom, and that’s not even mentioning the outdoor patio that ranks among the city’s best with its clean tables, bright umbrella’s for shade, and lots of space.

Open Cork Mississauga

However none of that would really matter if the food wasn’t up to scratch. Well, that’s something The Open Cork makes the priority;

At The Open Cork Restaurant & Lounge, we strive to prepare your meals using the freshest and highest quality ingredients picked locally here from Ontario.
As one of the top rated restaurants in Mississauga, our daily specials on diverse selections of aged steaks, Italian, and seafood dishes will provide you with a satisfying dining experience.
We take pride in every dish that leaves our kitchen, and we are confident that each meal prepared will produce a smile on your face. In the case your palate has a craving for a particular dish not on our menu, our chefs will do their best to cater to your desire. Rest assured that your dining experience with us will be fantastic.

So that brings us to the menu. The Open Cork has separate menus for the lounge, as well as lunch and dinner. There’s a lot of crossover between the three menus and it makes for one extensive list of food. Naturally, we won’t cover it all here because then you’d be reading all day. So we’re going to cover a few different sections, which starts below that pretty picture of the patio.

Open Cork Patio

The lounge menu has the most starters of the three, and it’s a list that includes Bruschetta, Mussels, Nachos Supreme, Split Roaster Chicken Wings, Fresh Oysters, and Seafood Antipasto among others. The average price of the starters is around $10.

Next up is the sandwiches, of which there are far more than most restaurants. The sandwich options include a Classic Clubhouse, Louisiana Chicken SandwichVeal or Chicken Parmigiana
Panino, Norweigan Smoked Salmon, and a vegetarian option in the form of California Grilled Vegetable. Almost all of the sandwiches are around the $12 mark.

The lunch and lounge menus feature pizza options, while the dinner menu does not. For those hungry for pizza, you’ll be able to get your hands on Barbecued Chicken, Seafood, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Gourmet, and Pizza Rustica. While you’d normally be paying upwards of $20 for a pizza like this in a classy restaurant, here they’re actually around $13 on average.

We have three final sections we’re going to look at today, and that’s not even all the restaurant has to offer. The first of those three is pasta, which can be found on the lunch and dinner menus. Here you’ll find Fettuccine Sea & Salad, Pappardelle Jambalaya, Risotto, Squash Ravioli Lobster, and Rigatoni Al Pesto. Those are a few of the pasta dishes at The Open Cork, and there’s lots there to please any pasta lover, as well as a full blown antipasto section.

The next area we’re looking at is seafood, and here The Open Cork offers Salmon Tarragon, Seabream, Chilean Sea Bass, Filet of Tilapia, Pan Roasted Scallops & Tiger Shrimp. There’s also a chef speciality called Orange Roughy, which consists of the fish, topped with crab meat, shrimp, and mushrooms in a Rosé sauce.

And finally, we’re going to touch upon the grill menu, which could be considered the entrees. We have Veal or Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Contadina, Chicken Mediterranean, Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Rack of Lamb, New York Striploin Steak, Frenched Veal Chop, and more. Most of the grill menu costs $17.95, however the steak and such costs a little more.

As you’ve gleaned by now, The Open Cork has a huge menu and we’ve only covered parts of it! As such, it’s not enough for you to just take our word for it. So we’ve compiled some reviews from Google, where the restaurant holds a 4.1 rating based on 899 users. That’s an impressive score, and here are four of the most recent reviews:

Amazing value for your money. I have been ordering the grilled calamari appetizer for over 15 years, same great recipe, always tender, and still a big portion. And unbelievably, the price has only gone up a few dollars to $11.95. The whole menu looks good but it is the only place in the world I order the same thing every single time.


– Sarah Guthrie

Food was pretty good but not great, they didn’t skimp on the lobster which was nice. The servers were kind. Some of the plates are a little weird but that’s not a big deal. I like the way the restaurant has different areas with different decor. Great for booking off an area for a semi private party.
I’d recommend trying it.


– Digital Phoenix

The food is delicious, you definitely get what you pay for. The nachos are layered all the way up, so its cheesy throughout. The decor is beautiful inside. In the lounge the seating is very comfortable and there are 2 TVs and one massive projector to watch the game. I like how the restaurant, lounge/bar and private room are separated so everyone can enjoy the experience. Will definitely go back.

– Amarjit Dhamrait

We always get the best & friendliest service and greeting. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is warm and inviting in the main diningroom; we love sitting by the fireplace. The seafood platter is amazing, could feed three adults for sure.


– Petra Holtby

The Open Cork is a wonderful establishment that has a diverse menu with an Italian core. There’s great, fresh fish, as well as lots of pasta and antipasto, pizza, salads, starters, and much more. And, as per the restaurant’s mission statement says, each dish is seemingly made with care and passion because they’re exquisite.

From the food to the decor, it’s a classy affair with a nice atmosphere. And the crazy thing is, The Open Cork has won awards for its wine for six consecutive years and we didn’t even touch upon that. It’s clearly a fantastic restaurant, so we implore you to make your way to 2101 Dundas Street East in the near future and experience it for yourself.