Canada is a unique country because it’s very developed, despite being quite young in the grand scheme of things. It wasn’t until the 18th century that non-natives ventured into the area and began trading with the Mississauga tribe, and a further hundred years before Port Credit, the first town, really began to take shape.

And even then, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Mississauga started  look like what we know it as today. Considering that the country is still in its relative infancy, there’s always going to be some growing pains and few businesses that started back then are still around today. However a few remain, and we want to spotlight one today.

Orchard family restaurant, located at 2550 Hurontario Street. It’s not the oldest business, that accolade goes to Dairy Cream on Lakeshore Road, but it is the oldest restaurant in the city. Orchard opened its doors in 1966.

The iconic Orchard restaurant hasn’t changed a whole lot since the 60’s, and that’s a good thing. It still has the iconic apple logo out front, and boasts great hospitality on the inside. It’s a simple restaurant but one that families have adored for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

Orchard is a shining example of how to obtain longevity; good food, good portions, reasonable prices, and friendly service. No fuss. The restaurant’s menu offers a little bit of everything, including its famous all-day breakfast that has been a staple for many years.

The sandwich portion of the menu is robust, offering classics like a Rueben, Chicken Club, or Toasted Clubhouse, to some more unqiue sandwiches like Twisted Chicken (charbroiled breast of chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a bagel), Hollywood Special (chopped turkey salad, with bacon, lettuce, and tomato), and Toasted Skyscraper (peameal, cheese, tomato, and lettuce stacked high).

As for the entrees, Orchard offers 8 & 12 Oz New York Steaks, Chopped Beefsteak, Grilled Tender Beef Liver, Veal Cutlet, Country Fried Chicken, and more. Orchard also has Hot Roast Beef, Hot Roast Turkey, Hot Hamburger, and Hot Liver dinners, all of which cost a mere $12.65.

Beyond the entrees, Orchard has soup, fish, pasta, burger, souvlaki, omelette, and finger food sections of the menu. It is an extensive array of foods, all of which are reasonably priced and delicious. That’s why it’s a popular family destination, because it offers something for everyone.

Orchard Family Restaurant is a staple of Mississauga, and located in one of the city’s busiest areas: Cooksville. It’s a great restaurant that has stood the test of time and isn’t going anywhere. If you’ve never been it’s time you discover why Orchard is so beloved, and if you have then now is a great time to revisit the ultimate classic.