Drake is something of a hometown hero to many Mississauga people and those from around the GTA. Canadians are always proud when one of their own flies the coup and becomes a world-renowned star, yes even Justin Bieber! That said, Drake is on another level right now. He’s the artist of the year in many peoples eyes and has more fans than you could shake a stick at.

As such, it seems the timing is perfect that Drake’s clothing brand, October’s Very Own, just recently opened its own store in Square One Mall! You’ll quickly find the store near Victoria’s Secret, thanks to it’s white exterior shinning like a beacon.

OVO Square one

If you’re a fan of Drake or fashion, you’ll probably have seen some shirts of hoodies as of later, with a simple gold owl design on the front. That’s the logo of Drake’s brand, OVO, and that’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll find at the store in Square One Mall. That is, if you can get in.

OVO in Square One Mall is popular. And we don’t just mean kinda busy, we mean there are lines outside the store every single day. In fact, and while it may just be for show, there’s even a bouncer at the door, letting in just a few people at a time. While that may seem unnecessary, the short wait outside means you will get to peruse the store at your own leisure, with very few others around.

And once you’re inside, you’ll find a brilliant white store with a rather small selection of clothing. Just before that however, you’ll be greeted by a black bear, as seen in the Hotline Bling video. Just behind the bear, there are two black leather couches, a black and white rug, and then the counter. As said, it really is an incredibly simple store in its decor but, similarly to Apple products, that’s by design.

Drake Square one

As for the clothes, you’ll find a curated selection of hoodies, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, track pants, hats, polo shirts, shorts, and regular t shirts. Much of the clothing options are very plain in design, sporting either no design, the signature owl, or the OVO initials.

That said, the most popular item is, without a doubt, the plain black t shirt with the golden owl emblazoned. The price of the standard shirt is $58 before tax, but it’s guaranteed to be a popular gift item this holiday season!

All hoodies are in the $100-$200 range, while most jackets will cost you an arm and a leg, or the equivalent of that ($498). That may seem like an asinine amount of money for a piece of clothing, and it certainly is, but if you have the cash to throw away and your giftee really loves Drake, then go for it!

OVO is going to be Square One Mall’s single most popular store this Christmas season. Regardless of when you head there, you should be prepared for a rather lengthy wait outside. Word to the wise however, rumour has it the store is only staying in Square One until after Christmas, so the time to shop is now! Go get that bling!