The Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge is a large casual social eatery, one that offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert and dinner options. A jack of all trades you might say.

The cafe is located along the busy 3055 Dundas Street West area of Mississauga, right by Winston Churchill Boulevard. The area is full of shops and dining joints like Mandarin, Sleep Country, Classic Bowl, Winners, Staples, Starsky Fine Foods and many more. It’s one of the best area’s in Mississauga for shopping eating, while not being a mall.

What makes Symposium Cafe even more impressive is that it is one of the best places to stop and grab some grub and a coffee in an area packed with great options. Also, the Cafe is surprisingly large is comparison to most cafe’s, as it boasts 145 indoor seats, a 40-seat private room, and a outdoor patio that seats 70 people!

Several times a year, the Cafe hosts a paint night for adults, which consists of drinks, eating, socialising and, of course, painting. The next such paint night takes place on January 22nd at 7:00 PM!

“We make fun art – not fine art.” That’s how Symposium Cafe describes its paint nights and it’s very apt. Nobody is coming to the Cafe and painting the next Whistler’s Mother, no it’s a night of fun with friends and strangers while having a drink and relaxing. No experience is required for the paint night, so you can spend two hours trying to create something nice but it truly doesn’t matter if you can’t.

The upcoming January 22nd paint night will focus on “Snow Light”, which is perfect given the weather. Don’t worry about bringing supplies because the brushes, easel, apron, paint and the canvas. Plus, when you’re finished you get to take it home with you, where you can hang it up or throw it out!

Paint Night at Symposium Cafe is perfect for a date, girls night out or office get-together. It makes a great change from going to the same bar or restaurant and simply drinking, it even makes a nice change from bowling or the movies. So why not come out and try your hand at painting while having a ton of fun.