Halloween is little over a week away and we’ve got you covered when it comes to costumes, decorations, parties for adults, parties for kids, haunted houses to visit, where to buy pumpkins, and even how to design said pumpkins. However, what about when it’s all said and done? Don’t worry, we’ve got you there too!

Every year we buy and carve a pumpkin (or 10) and then we’re left with these big rotting orbs with nothing to do but toss them in the trash and let them decompose and smell. It can be a hassle. Well, every year the Bradley Museum hosts an awesome event that rounds-out Halloween, while also giving you something to do with your pumpkins!

Park Your Pumpkin is the name of the event and it happens on Friday, November 1st, from 6-8 PM. Essentially, you bring your pumpkins to the museum and line them up with the hundreds of others. Find out a little more about the unique event below.

Bring your pumpkin for a last hurrah! Wander the pumpkin lit paths while enjoying music, cider, cookies, family activities and a candle lit tour of the Bradley Museum. Drop off your pumpkin before or bring it with you and stay for the festivities.

All pumpkins to be recycled at the end of the evening.

So Park Your Pumpkin is a great family event where you can wander along the beautiful path filled with lit pumpkins, while drinking some cider, eating cookies, and listening to music. It’s like a Christmas grotto but for us spooky folks.

If this sounds like a fun evening for you and the family, then you can come along to the Bradley Museum and partake, for free! Park Your Pumpkin is an awesome night that is only growing in popularity with each passing year. We hope to see you there to start a new Halloween tradition!