By Meg Marshall

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably seen a lot of Peace Collective shirts and sweaters walking around Mississauga. Peace Collective are the ones responsible behind the simple yet extremely notable slogans “Home is Toronto”, “Home is Canada” and “Toronto vs. Everybody”. What was inspired by a 23 year old’s inspiration of watching a playoff Toronto Raptor’s game has transformed into a cult following.

Founder Yanal Dhailieh caught the attention of CBC’s Dragon’s Den. In an interview published by CBC, Dhailieh notes that “social media is everything. We would not exist if it wasn’t for platforms such as Instagram…We have a direct link with our customers and community.” The Peace Collective Instagram handle has an impressive 60000 followers and over 10000 likes on Facebook.

The brand really took off once it gained the attention of the Toronto Blue Jays when they were in the playoffs for the time in many years in the Fall of 2015. Many of the players were spotted wearing the apparel and have since partnered with the brand for an exclusive collection.

Following the Growth of the Brand

Originating in 2014 as an ecommerce store only, it wa quite common to find their products sold out (no doubt since it gained instant popularity). In the spring of 2016, Peace Collective opened their first brick and mortar location along Toronto’s trendy Ossington Avenue. It created a showroom for its product. In late 2016, the second store opened, joining the Mississauga business community at Square One. In the summer of 2017, Peace Collective had a pop up shop in the new Yorkdale Concept  as part of that mall’s new renovation. Also in 2017, Peace Treats was added to both the Ossington Avenue and Mississauga Square One locations. This new addition is a treat bar serving delectable and pretty milkshakes. What will they do next?

Philanthropic Efforts

A unique and heart warming feature of the Peace Collective brand is the built in giving-back philosophy. For every garment sold, it “provides two meals to a Canadian child in need through our partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada”, as stated on the brand’s website. It creates a win-win situation for everyone. Many celebrities and designers like former Toronto Raptor’s Patrick Patterson, Blue Jay’s third baseman Josh Donaldson, designer Mary Young and mattress company Casper have either worked with or collaborated with Peace Collective and believe in the philanthropic cause.

Find Peace Collective at Square One in Mississauga on the second level. Apparel is made for men, women and children allowing everyone to enjoy. Add this store to your list of things to do in Mississauga.