By Sheena Osman

Christmas is in the air and maybe for you romance too. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend with your significant other. Here are some date ideas for you two lovebirds to do right here in Mississauga.

Nothing quite spells romance more than spending time together hand-in-hand while ice skating. Or perhaps one of you is trying to keep the other one from falling, nonetheless a great bonding activity. A perfect place to skate is at Celebration Square, located right in the heart of Downtown, Mississauga which is right by Square One, has an outdoor ice skating rink which is open daily from 10am to 10:30pm.

After ice skating, to warm-up, you can grab some hot-chocolate and dessert close by at Caffe Demetre. Eve Café is another option which is a unique, chic café to check out and Second Cup and Aroma Espresso bar are also cozy options.

Perhaps you have worked up quite an appetite and would like to grab a table for two somewhere for a relaxing evening over dinner and drinks. A great option would be at the Live Restaurant at the Living Arts Centre which offers a more fine dining feel.

Great to for that romantic ambiance that certain chain restaurants just don’t offer. Lunch and dinner options are available but reservations are required in advance. For more info:

After that, you can catch the classic play, the Nutcracker right where you already are at the Living Arts Centre. Doesn’t get any more convenient that that.  In fact, the Live Restaurant offers a pre-theatre dinner buffet and you can enjoy dessert and coffee there after the show. (You can never have too much dessert). The show is on Sun. Dec. 10th. More info here:

So there you have it. A perfect date night planned during the holiday season right here in Mississauga. Happy dating!