Canada Day is fast approaching and there are no shortage of ways to celebrate the event. One rather unique way to celebrate Canada Day is to adopt a kitten!

Sure, that really is a unique way to celebrate an event but PetSmart is one of the few businesses that will be open on July 1st 2018. From June 22 to July 2, PetSmart is having a pretty huge sale on all things animals, so it’s a great time to head out and grab something for your beloved pet.

Whether it’s dog food, cat food, snacks, toys, fish tanks, fish tank decorations, hamster cages, cat houses, dog beds, or even some pet clothing, PetSmart has just about everything on sale that you could possible want. Some of the sale items are as low as 50%, as well as offering some future discounts depending on how much you spend.

That’s only the sale, the first part of the celebration. The other newsworthy thing is, as mentioned previously, the chance to adopt a beautiful little kitten! Sadly, kittens in pet stores is nothing new but these little cats desperately need new homes. The PetSmart at 507 Lakeshore Road East currently has three black kittens and two white/black ones in need of homes – only one of those is a boy, named Coke. For less than $200 you can get one of these kittens, including injections and nurturing, as well as the first six weeks of pet insurance – that’s genuinely a very good deal.

Before Canada Day however, that specific PetSmart location is expecting a further two litters to arrive, meaning there will be over a dozen kittens in need of new homes. Obviously, we do not recommend you get a kitten unless you are fully prepared for the investment; owning a pet is a part-time job, particularly when they’re kittens, so don’t make the move unless you’re positive you can give them a warm and caring home.

So there you have it, PetSmart has an extensive sale running from now until July 2 and there are several kittens in need of new homes. If you want a kitten, or know someone who does, consider going to PetSmart on Lakeshore Road East to get one – don’t be put-off by a black kitten, they’re not bad luck but they are delightful little scamps…I may own one myself. Anyways, consider celebrating Canada Day by bringing home a new kitten!