Vietnamese and Thai food lovers rejoice! A new Pho joint has opened up at 660 Eglinton Avenue West, and it brings quality Asian delicacies at a reasonable price!

Pho Hoa 89 recently opened to the public and has been receiving rave reviews since. The restaurant is casual but with a fairly upscale menu, that consists of appetizers, vermicella (noodles), stir-fry, rice and meat dishes, and, of course, Pho dishes. That being said, the average price of a dish on the menu is around $9.50, which makes this a great option for those not wishing to break the bank.

The Pho is the true star of the menu however. With ten options available to you, Pho can be ordered in either small, medium or large portions and the price of the large is a mere $9.00 – with only one option hitting the $10 mark. I recommend trying the Pho Tai, which is incredible rare beef in rice noodle soup, truly some of the best Pho I’ve ever had and the cheapest!

Beyond the regular menu, you’ll find coffee, incredible organic smoothies, soda, beer and an extensive wine menu. In terms of dessert, you can grab a fried banana, mango ice cream, coconut milk, or my personal choice, deep fried ice cream. Yes it sounds weird but my, is it crazy good!

Pho Hoa 89 also offers catering, given a mandatory 24 notification period. The restaurant offers 9 different catering options, each of which cost $39 and serve up to six people! So you can turn to Pho Hoa for your next party or work event and you won’t be disappointed.

Pho Hoa 89 is a fantastic casual Vietnamese and Thai restaurant. Mississauga has just received one more option and this one immediately becomes one of the cities best and most affordable.