Calling all fired chicken fanatics we have some exciting news about a brand new sandwich coming to a Popeyes near you.  The company is taking inspiration from the Marie Kondo movement by introducing a clutter free burger.

The “burger” which invites customers to participate in it’s assembly is called the BYOB burger. Now if you were wondering, no Popeyes is not inviting you to bring beer to their locations. Instead the company is inviting you to bring your own bun (the reason it’s called the BYOB). 

No pickles, no lettuce or sauce, just 3 delicious pieces of chicken combined with your own customized bun. This is like a whole experience, if you were planning on doing grocery shopping anyways, you can give your taste buds a brand new flavour. 

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This might be a joke to push some extra tenders, but it is definitely something you need to try at your nearest Popeyes just to see what would happen.

Here are a couple of the bun options you definitely have to try:

Everything Bagel: I know it sounds weird to bring in an everything bagel but don’t knock it until you try it.

Popeyes Biscuits: Nothing quite goes better with chicken like a fresh biscuit, well instead of bringing in your own bun, the restaurant offers these amazing biscuits you have to try.

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Bakery Fresh Buns: If you want to truly enhance your Popeyes experience, you have to try their chicken with some bakery buns. You’ll taste the love that goes into the bread, as it melts perfectly with your chicken. If you’re looking for a bakery in the Streetsville area, Caldense bakery will make your taste buds dance.

What bun would you want to try?