It’s not as if the Square One area in Mississauga is one that doesn’t get renovated and improved upon on a regular basis. In fact, Square One just saw the opening of it’s long-awaited northern expansion. That being said, we’re always excited when a new store opens in and around Square One Mall, and it’s always news worth relaying to you.

Such is the case today, when we’re letting you know that a classic fast food chain is about to open its doors right by the Mall. Remember The Running Room? It was located at 55 Square One Drive, next door to Panera Bread, not far from Whole Foods and Boston Pizza. Well, it closed down rather unceremoniously last year, and we were left wondering what was going to take its place.

popeyes square one

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the answer to that question, and the fried chicken chain is opening up real soon.

There has been no official word yet on exactly when the store will open but it’s been under renovation since the start of the year. What we do know however, is that Popeyes will bring its lineage of fried chicken and biscuit excellence to the area for the first time.

That means you can expect to find everything from tenders to chicken on the bone, sandwiches to kids meals, mashed potato to cinnamon apple pie, wings to even seafood. Popeyes also offers family meals and varying levels of spice for those daring to try.

It’s all the standard fare if you’ve ever been to a Popeyes. If you haven’t however, keep your eyes and tastes buds ready for when the store opens at the old Running Room location at 55 Square One Drive in the very near future. Popeyes will be the latest addition to the rapidly growing Square One scene, which you can read all about here on YourSauga!