Full disclosure: I am an Irish immigrant who visited Canada for the first time in 2015, then moved to Port Credit in 2016. When I first visited in 2015, I vividly recall seeing a bag of Poutine Ruffles in a Shopper’s Drug Mart, and asking what the heck it was.

In Ireland, we serve an equivalent to poutine, which we simply call a cheesy-gravy chip, but it’s melted cheese as opposed to curds. However, it’s not a very popular dish and outside of Ireland I have never seen it anywhere else. In most parts of America and Europe, pouring gravy on your fries is met with disgusted looks.

All of this is to say that poutine is a very unique dish to Canada. You can find similar dishes in other parts of the world but they’re not quite the same. That’s what makes Smokes Poutinerie such a uniquely Canadian brand, and why it makes complete sense that Smoke’s has opened a store at Pearson Airport.

Thanks to Smoke’s, those who are entering Canada for the first time, can immediately grab the country’s most prolific dish and get a taste of Canada. And of course, those re-entering Canada can order a taste of home before even leaving the airport. However, Smoke’s didn’t open a regular store at Pearson, instead they have introduced a first-of-its-kind food truck!

The food truck officially opened on February 9th, and Smoke’s CEO Ryan Smolkin was on hand for the grand opening. You might assume the truck is parked outside the airport but no, it’s actually right inside the premises. Also, the truck is open for business everyday. Smoke’s Poutinerie released a statement about the opening and what it means for the brand:

“Travelers can expect to be greeted in true Canadian fashion, with the brand’s lumberjack plaid, Canadiana culture and unforgettable twist on Canada’s traditional poutine. The partnership between Smoke’s Poutinerie and global restaurateur HMSHost, which operates this location, is bringing the great outdoors to travelers right inside the airport with the first Smoke’s Poutinerie mobile food truck style eatery.”

If you’re heading to Pearon Airport to pick someone up, or will be landing back in the near future, you can find the incredible new Smoke’s Poutinerie food truck at Terminal 3 Arrivals. Happy eating Canucks and foreigners.