Mississauga is no stranger to Middle Eastern cuisine, or diverse cuisine in general. As we like to say here however, there’s always room for more. That’s why we were happy to report last month that an incredibly popular Middle Eastern restaurant was making its way to Mississauga!

Well the wait is finally over and our patience has been rewarded! New York’s beloved Halal Guys has opened its very first store here in Mississauga!

Coming soon no longer, the Halal Guys stunning new restaurant is open for business in the Heartland Town Centre! 6045 Mavis Road to be exact, right next door to EB Games and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Or, if you’re on the other side, it’s behind the Hallmark store within the plaza.

If you missed our story last month, The Halal Guys is a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant that started out life as a food cart in New York City. The brand focuses on making the best gyro’s around, with the chicken combo being the most popular option. The restaurant also serves the super popular dessert, Baklava, as well as falafels, meaty platters, and beef gyro’s. And, of course, all the food available is halal.

The Halal Guys is sure to become on of Mississauga’s most popular restaurants in the near future. It only opened its doors for business last week but it has already been a hit with locals. Heck, on opening day even Mayor Crombie was there to try the delicacy! So don’t be the last one in on the trend, try The Halal Guys today!