You may recall that around the start of the new year, there was an unfortunate event that took place in Cooksville; a fiery explosion caused by a gas leak that decimated an entire row of businesses. The damage was extensive and no attempts at rebuilding has been made thus far – although to be fair, it seems like a complete demolition of the remaining site seems more likely.

Due to the event, several of the business premises were completely destroyed. One such business was the popular tattoo parlour, Pleasure and Pain Ink. Well, we’re happy to report that after little more than two months out of commission, Pleasure and Pain has found a new home at 364 Lakeshore Road West.

The new parlour has opened up shop across the street from Shoppers, right beside Pizza Nostra. It’s a great location for the new store and it’s sure to give other local tattoo stores a run for their money. Port Credit is also home to Atomic Cherry Tattoo, Artistic Integrity Tattoos, and Lighthouse Tattoos, so there’s no shortage of options, however Pleasure and Pain is the only one, to my knowledge, that offers $60 tattoos! The standard price for an hours work is $100, whereas you can grab a nice piece of ink for just $60 (depending on the piece obviously).

The explosion that devastated Pleasure and Pain’s original location – the far-most right building.

That’s not the only bargain you’ll find at Pleasure and Pain, it also offers 3 for $60 piercings. The shop was voted third in the Toronto Sun’s 20th Annual Readers Choice Awards, two years in a row! And that success can be attributed to the talented artists like Andy Ward and Andy Murder, whose work you can check out on the official website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Pleasure and Pain is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30-9PM. Come check out the new store and maybe get that new tat you’ve been thinking about, or take the plunge and get your first! Pleasure and Pain Ink is open at 364 Lakeshore Road West now!